Export of Eggs

Prabhat offers the best quality white eggs produced in keeping with international hygiene standards in bio-secure conditions on our local production farms. The quality of our produce has been tested and certified. We currently export to Middle Eastern markets and are exploring opportunities of taking Indian eggs to other international markets as well.

Contract Farming

Prabhat has pioneered contract farming in Alibag, thus bringing prosperity to farmers. The company takes an active interest in guiding farmers to set up their own poultry farm as well as to manage its day to day functioning. Assistance is provided for effectively handling all aspects of bird rearing from maintaining hygiene to providing feed.

Prabhat's expert veterinarians regularly provide vaccinations and preventive medicines to keep the birds in good health. Experienced personnel conduct regular field visits to help farmers implement best poultry practices. Feed, being an important element in the overall development of the birds, is provided by Prabhat Poultry from their own feed mills.

Through the endeavour of contract farming Prabhat Poultry remains committed to contributing towards the economic well being of the poultry farmer.


Prabhat Poultry also has a modern hatchery unit where broiler chicks are hatched in a controlled environment, with temperature and humidity control. The chicks are properly vaccinated at prescribed intervals and are nourished using Prabhat’s in-house manufactured feed. We maintain uniformity in the size of eggs per batch. As a result of these conditions, uniform and healthy chicks are hatched.